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Moonbeam Mattress

A great mattress for children, newlyweds, second homes, or your college student.



Moon Beam 600x500

What’s inside

  • Layer of cotton
  • Layer of 1″ polyurethane
  • Layer of cotton
  • Steel inner springs
  • Outer hand tufting
  • All repeated on the other side
  • Overall mattress is 9″ high


Moonbeam Pillow Talk:

We got our mattress in 2006 and we still absolutely love our bed! Not only is it the best we’ve ever slept on, but we can’t even imagine there could possibly be anything better! Thank you for such an excellent product and for making a difference in our lives!

B.B. December 09 Bed of Roses, Queen, Semi-Firm

We have learned that we have never slept so well. I don’t think we even knew what good sleep was all about. We both sleep through the night, often without even changing positions. I have never felt so good. My back was always a little tight in the mornings before. I never really thought anything about it, just that time of life. Well, I was wrong; I haven’t had a sore back since you brought the mattress. It surely is everything you said it was. It’s the most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept on! There is only one problem – we never want to get out of bed. We wake up and just lay there, feeling sooo cozy. Who would want to go anywhere! Thanks again for one of the best investments I’ve ever made!
The Bed of Roses, King, Soft
I still feel completely spoiled every time I lay down for the night. That mattress is incredible! I’ve been disappointed with the cheap quality and high prices of all of the standard mattress companies. Thank you for what you do – it makes a difference to a person’s life!!
L.M. August 2008 The Bed of Roses, Semi Firm

Moonbeam Mattress

Our Natural Mattresses Sizes

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Pricing reflects mattress and box spring set

Mattress TWIN$1,065.00

Mattress TWIN XL$1,390.00

Mattress FULL$1,390.00

Mattress QUEEN$1,510.00

Mattress KING$1,690.00

Mattress CAL KING$1,690.00

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