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The Earths Finest Natural Fibers

The journey of Beds By Design natural sleep begins in forests and farms.  All of our principal materials are made from farmed natural fibers: pure unbleached cotton, natural latex from tree sap and simple wool.

We are passionate about our beds, your health and the environment.  We are also proud to make our beds in Northern Michigan and source our materials as close to home as possible.

We think sleep should be as close to nature as possible.


The super fiber for sleep.

Wool Helps You Sleep Longer

Wool helps regulate body temperature so you will not toss and turn away from hot or cold spots.

Sleep Cool

When you are cold wool fibers trap air creating an insulating layer, but when you are hot wool helps you cool down by drawing moisture away from your skin to regulate your body temperature naturally. The result is longer stages of restorative sleep with less tossing and turning.


The natural crimp in wool fiber has thousands of tiny air pockets.  Unlike synthetic materials, wool wicks away moisture then releases it through its air pockets.  These air pockets give you the worlds most comfortable breathable sleep surface.


Wool gives a lasting buoyant comfort because it is naturally strong, bouncy and quickly springs back into shape when depressed. Wool is a generous top layer on both sides of our mattresses so you receive all of its sleep enhancing qualities.

Michigan Wool

Gathered from Michigan Shepherds.

Our wool is crafted in a 100 year old family run Northern Michigan Woolen Mill.  The fleece is washed and thoroughly combed, carded and spun into soft woolen batts.  We receive our wool after you order your bed so it is spun fresh.  We often tell customers the wool in their bed may be from sheep who are still happily grazing on a Michigan farm.


Natures softest breathable fiber.

Soft Comfort

Cotten compliments wool perfectly to enhance sleep.  Our unbleached pure cotton adds supple support to increase comfort and circulation.

Breathe Easier

Beds By Designs pure cotton allows air to circulate creating a breathable healthy sleeping surface.

Natural Latex

From the Hevea Brasiliensis Tree.

From Tree Sap

Natural latex is made from the white, milky sap of the rubber tree.  True natural latex like ours does not contain synthetic fillers.  However, all latex needs an inorganic additional agent to take the sap into its stable latex form.  The result is a simple yet supple latex that supports your body with natural ingredients.

More Supportive

We use natural Dunlop latex, named after the method in which it is manufactured.  Dunlop latex is a denser and more supportive latex than its cousin, Talalay latex, also named for it’s manufacturing process. At Beds By Design, we use the highest quality natural latex we could source.  It consists of 95% or more pure tree sap. The sap is harvested with tight regulations on quality and sustainability and manufactured in America.


The small holes in our latex combine with our other natural layers to enhance air circulation letting your whole body breathe cleanly as you sleep.


Natural Latex comes from nature and is biodegradable.  A single tree may produce sap for more than thirty years, and because the tree is tapped and not cut, the practice is sustainable.



From start to finish Beds By Design is committed to sustainability and purity. The wool in our beds is washed with only hot water and natural soap.  Our natural latex is also only manufactured with water.

Inner Springs

Our Silent Work Horse.

Exceptional Support

State of the art product design combined with old-world craftsmanship.

Body Contour Performance

Our double-tempered, hand-assembled springs are made with alternating turn coil construction which create the distinctive, luxurious feel unique to innerspring technology.  Smooth-acting coil hinge points allow independent action creating unequalled body-contour conformance.

Better Sleeping for Two

While we are big fans of snuggling in bed, we know a great bed should not force the matter when sleep is at hand.  The alternating right and left turn coil design of our inner springs distribute weight for a balanced sleep surface that eliminates roll together and partner disturbance.

Perfected Support

Unlike mattresses made with only foam, our inner spring mattresses can react to body weight, shape and movement with increasing firmness. Initially, the coils respond with supple, gentle comfort, then adjust with increasing firmness, providing proper support as weight is applied. Strategic placement of coil gauge, density and spacing provide firm support in the area where 70% of sleeping person’s body weight is concentrated.

The Soul of the Mattress

At Beds By Design we often say our beds are alive.  When we say this, we are really expressing our belief that a great mattress should move with you a little and support you as you move.  These movements that give “life” to our mattresses are expertly crafted to perfection.  They are not too much and not too little.  They are just right.  This level of support simply cannot be found in beds made only with foam or foam latex.

Real Box Springs

More than just a platform.

Dual Support

Box springs support both your mattress and your body.  Your body receives double the support on our mattress and box spring set.

Better Performance

Good box springs are kin to shocks on a luxury car.  We spare no detail to support the performance and durability of our handmade beds.

Longer Support

Don’t underestimate how vital the box spring is to the support and durability of your Beds By Design Mattress.  Our box springs are carefully crafted using heavy 9 gauge steel springs.  We build the strongest box springs in the industry because we give the longest warranty.

Beds By Design brings you exceptional natural sleep.

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